Hello all…..for those out there that don’t know me (AntMo X) personally, here is some background information. AntMo X was born and raised in the DC metro area (the DMV) and reps it hard. The name AntMo X comes from my favorite black figure, the late Malcolm Little.  As basketball is my first love, music is a close second. I have had a serious obsession for hiphop since a young age. I am a very well rounded individual. From soccer to basketball to multimedia (my passion) i stay open minded to many different hobbies and views on life. I joined my bros CrazyhorseThechief and JimmyBonez in Undergrad Underground because we all wanted to get our thoughts out to the world. If you disagree with anything we say or post we would love to hear from you.  We will be posting videos that will show you our wild yet productive lifestyles. So sit back and enjoy the ride.——DMV STAND UP!!!!!