What’s up? It’s the Chief here, live and direct. This is my inaugural post so I guess I should give you a little introduction so you can get to know CrazyHorse a little better.  The Chief was born in New York, raised in the Washington D.C. metro area. My influences are split between the two cities and I can’t really claim one more than the other. I’m a music lover and listen to every genre you could possibly think of. I won’t list my favorite artists or anything like that; I’ll let my posts on the blog speak for that. I try to not ride the wave of trends, whether it be music, fashion, public opinion etc. but I also try not to unfairly pigeon hole things. I’m a pretty open-minded guy honestly. I decided to join my homies AntMo X and JimmyBonez on Undergrad Underground mainly because I just have a yearning to share my interests and opinions with the rest of the world. If you take anything away from my posts, I hope that it’s enlightenment. It’s not so much that I’m trying to teach people anything or something like that; I’m just trying to spread a different perspective. So, with out further ado, spit back and enjoy our blog, Undergrad Underground, and tell us what you think from time to time.


So, to kick things off, I had to spotlight one of my favorite hip hop groups of all time, De La Soul. I peeped this De La Soul “3 Feet High and Rising” press kit on Cocaine Blunts a while ago.

De La is so dope to me. They are pure hip hop technicians with a style that is completely inimitable. Everything they do is ridiculously clean and their lines are so byzantine that most of the stuff they spit won’t get caught until the third or fourth time you spin that ish. The whole Plug thing they had and the D.A.I.S.Y. age jumpoff were innovative and inspired and showcased how much knowledge was stored up in these young men. Posdnus and Trugoy’s lyric ability is among the best in hip hop history and despite this, De La has continued to be underrated especially by the knuckleheads of my generation whose only exposure to the Native Tongues and its affiliates is Tribe.

What made De La really magnificent though was Prince Paul. Even when Prince Paul and De La parted separate ways on “Stakes is High”, Maseo and crew had gotten the idea from Paul on what makes a great beat. I think that Paul’s greatest work with De La was done during the recording of “De La Soul is Dead”. That whole album is remarkable. “Bitties in the BK Lounge” was hilarious, “A Roller Skating Jam Named Saturday” made you want to hit the dance floor, “Peas Porridge” rattled my brain, “Millie Pulled a Pistol on Santa” was explicitly real and “Pass the Plugs” captured the essence of hip hop. Those are just my favorite tracks but the whole album is just exceptionally dope.

The first De La Soul song I heard was “The Bizness” featuring Common on what would soon become my favorite De La album, “Stakes is High”. I had taped it one week off the weekly Friday afternoon throwback hour that aired on 93.9 WKYS. I kept playing that tape and wondering what that song was and one day I finally found out by typing in “The engine to my comprehension is too complex” into google. As I look back, me typing in Trugoy’s sick rhyme into that google search box strikes me as an epic moment in my relationship with hip hop. I followed the bread trail of information and found out what album the song came from which was of course “Stakes is High”. I bought the album about two weeks later. The first time I listened to it, I hated it. I didn’t get any of the lines and the beats were peculiar sounding to me. Then one day, I had to write a paper for some class and I needed some music to blast on the stereo. I gave “Stakes is High” another chance. I never doubted De La ever again after that.

Over time I have become a loyal De La Soul fan accumulating album after album. The coolest thing about De La to me though was how damn down to earth they are. I’ve watched and read like every interview you can find on the Internet featuring them and they always put hip hop first. Everything they do is out of their love for hip hop. Whenever I need inspiration or a pick up, I can just throw on the trio of the Plugs and unwind. They blazed the trail for anything loosely related to the words “alternative hip hop” and have released great material consistently (even the AOI series. I don’t care what anyone says). De La Soul is from the soul yall and one of the best to ever do this hip hop shit.