What up world? This is dohboi, the latest addition to a group of fresh minds fresh outta the system. A system filled with routine standardized tests, early mornings, crowded halls, and boring speeches. And as my colleagues said, join us as we open our minds to new cultures, ideas, and styles while we venture off our separate ways into the unknowns of college life. As for a little bit about myself, I’m a young man filled with hopes and dreams, as well as the confidence to achieve them one day. I’m of Vietnamese descent, but I was born and raised in this great country of ours (its U.S.A., just to make sure people don’t get me wrong). I have strong interests in music, culture, politics, cars and fashion. For each of those, I try to keep my own opinion, instead of following what others think. And its my own opinion that I will bring to you, so bookmark this page, and enjoy.