I’m pretty sure if you’re reading this that you’ve heard of the ubiquitous Wale. He does seem to be everywhere at once these days and is being included in some prestigious social circles. The guy has a colossal amount of talent and seems sure about everything he does (sometimes too sure?). His confidence isn’t surprising but it is refreshing seeing that it’s bona fide and that he can back up his big talk. Wale is, without a doubt, the biggest hip hop star that the DMV has ever claimed. What’s great is that Wale doesn’t shun his hometown because it isn’t packed full of hip hop’s finest. He puts on for the DMV so, so hard and this also seems 100% authentic as well. He wants to take his city with him to the top.

So, Wale is doing his thing, all is well. But, it seems to many that Wale is alone (let’s not start with Tabi). You would think that Wale’s success would open up the floodgates and let all this young, D.C. talent finally be heard outside the borders of the DMV (or a 2-block radius from their home). Apparently, this isn’t the case. So far, Wale is the not only the poster boy for hip hop out of D.C., but he’s our only widely recognized artist. However, like I said before, there is plenty of talent in the DMV doing their thing and one of those artists is Kingpen Slim. I’m new to Kingpen myself, but when I first heard his “The Beam Up” mixtape, I was definitely pleased. Kingpen’s flow is effortless and the production on the mixtape is pleasurable even though you can kind of pinpoint where the influences came from on certain tracks (I found a few that I thought were Just Blaze-ish myself). Kingpen paints some really brilliant pictures on these tracks. He is a really good storyteller if you ask me. I really hope he can get his music out there cause I think his style is very solid and he knows what he’s doing. And like Wale, Kingpen’s confidence seems 100% bona fide as well.




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