As I sit and listen to music from the DMV I hear a lot of the same things. But what most don’t know is that we have a lot that many cities don’t have in their music game. GOGO!! It seems like it should be so simple to carry our city. Our swagg is basically handed to us on a platter. If an artist would simply put gogo on as his “thing” and allow the world to embrace us, I think it would start a movement. For instance, the well known Wale has very deep gogo roots. Even though he is doing very well for us, he could make a lot of money by setting himself apart. I love his music and his talent. I would love to see him put us on the global stage by puting straight gogo backlines on his tracks. He’s straight DC so why not show it. I’m proud of my city and my roots, and when I get up in the world I will always be quick to grab the brim of my nationals fitted and rep the DMV hard.