As many of you may know, DC has a very unique and uptempo brand of music called GoGo. But what many dont know is, GoGo is more than that. For some it is a lifestyle. For many bands it is all they have to stay off the streets. Well for this group “The Beat Yo Feet Kings” its what they eat sleep and breath. “Beating Your Feet” is a DC born style of dancing that we all know about around the DMV. And if your are heavy on your gogo im sure you have heard of the Beat Yo Feet Kings. Well now we are on a national stage. The whole world gets a chance to see what goes on in the so called shadows of the whitehouse, the washington monument, and the other tourists attractions in the “Chocolate City”. GoGo is in our blood. These young dancers believe in our city so lets believe in them, to rep us hard and show the world what the DMV is all about. SO GO WATCH ABDC “America’s Best Dance Crew” TONIGHT @9 on MTV…to support OUR crew