For a minute I have listened to the musical stylings of New Orleans Rapper Curren$y. After listening to his music I must say that he is a highly overlooked rapper. Not saying that he does not have a loyal fanbase but it would be nice to see him and other similar artists to get more recognition on a national scale. My dude’s graduation picture has him throwing the JETS alongside our school principal. There is also have a pic of me Crazyhorsethechief and a few other of our friends all throwing it in our respective graduation gowns. Its safe to say that we support the whole JETS/ Fly Society moment. Recently Curren$y has teamed up with Pittsburgh rapper and burning brother Wiz Khalifa for the mixtape “How Fly.” (I haven’t explored Khalifa’s discography but I have heard great things and I encourage you check him out as well.) This tape held much controversy as it held a release date slated for July. There where also several teaser videos and hilarious commercials (via Youtube) featuring the two artists. Once July passed, disgruntled fans (including me) made sure to express their disappointment through social outlets such as twitter. Through ustream Khalifa and Spitta simply said that the tape was on its way and eventually announced a “set in stoned” release date for August 9th. Sunday came and I and fans alike were disappointed as Curren$y revealed that Khalifa still had a verse to complete. But all was not lost as this crack rock in mixtape form still dropped yesterday and August 9 took the theme of “How Fly Mania” dubbed by Spitta. How Fly (#howfly for the twitter literate) eventually became a trending topic for all to see and once i downloaded this tape i was highly pleased and must say that it was worth the wait. I am surprised at how well these two artists mesh together over dope production. Click the Album Art and Enjoy. “People Will Bow to It…..”- Curren$y and Wiz Khalifa