Ah, yes. It’s late August and the kids are on their way back to school. Hell, I’m in college myself. There is nothing like the end of summer. It seems like August holds the summer’s hottest and greatest days. The seconds that tick by in August seem so much more meaningful, but you don’t feel remorseful to be spending them doing absolutely nothing. There is no weight on your schedule and spontaneous decisions replace planned itineraries. It seems that August is like the fifth season. The football pre-season kicks off, which for most is the start of football season in general, the kids go back to school, the sales start cropping up, and the community landscape loses the delight of positive youth activity. People shift gears in August, mostly subconsciously, and get ready for the second half of the year. Here are my favorite songs from my milestone August 2009:

Hellogoodbye – Oh it is love

Hellogoodbye is quickly becoming one of my new favorite bands. I’m a sucker for sweet songs, I really am, and they seem to do sweet songs really, really well. I think it’s clever how the track builds up the way it does with minimal instrumentation until just the very end when the whole band explodes on the record.  I’ve been listening to this song a lot this month probably because of a certain decision I decided to make. It wasn’t a easy decision at all and I can’t say I’m entirely sure with my decision even now, but songs like these help me ease my mind and infuse me with saccharine memories of the past. Good people are never forgotten.

Oscar Peterson – Bossa Beguine

(OP’s version isn’t on youtube.com unfortunately) 

I fell in love with Bossa Nova about a year and a half ago. It is such a soft, calming music and it must be played delicately in order to have its desired effect. Oscar Peterson is one of the greatest pianists of all time and can play anything at astonishing levels of expertise. Peterson wakes Bossa Nova up a bit in this song. It has that soothing Bossa Nova flavor with elements of hard swing swirling throughout. This is definitely an excellent listen for a late afternoon wake or three chapters out of your latest novel.


Vampire Weekend – A-Punk

This was one of the first songs I remember listening to when I first really got into Indie Rock. Whenever I listen to my whole iPod on shuffle, this is always the first song I play. Such a bouncy song, this is. It just kind of gets you going. The lyrics are whimsical and I still have fun trying to completely figure them out. Extra kudos goes to the NYC references. If you’ve seen “Step Brothers” you should recognize this song.

Boogie Monsters – Honey Dips in Gotham

Summer is God’s gift to man. Women’s clothes shrink and we get to sit back and enjoy the view. This song epitomizes that feeling of sitting on the curb after another summer b-ball game and just lady watching. Taking in bronze thighs framed by boy shorts or caramel bodies floating within colorful sundresses. It’s just one of those summer jams that bring back good memories of summer, fun, and beautiful women.

Jill Scott – Golden

You’ve heard the song before. You know what it’s about. Why is it one of my choices you ask? Because I feel like I’m living better. I have a great opportunity in front of me and I’m ready to take it and do my best. Listening to this song just gets you in the mood to do great things and succeed. Most of all, I’m learning to live without being so self-conscious which is one of the things this song expresses.

M.I.A. – 10 Dollar

For some odd reason, I can’t stop listening to this song. It’s so fucking bubbly and I love it. As soon as it comes on, I just get this odd urge to want to dance my ass off. I guess you need a “fuck it” party song on steady rotation in order to stay sane in more stressful times. “10 Dollar” is just the song for that slot in my playlist for August 2009.

KRS – ONE – Love’s Gonna Get’cha (Material Love)

KRS paints an interesting ghetto picture on this song. The beat is jazzy and counters the tough storyline well. Unfortunately, this story is all too common in black neighborhoods and KRS expresses the down side of street crime as well as its peaks. The truth is that chasing material goods too hard can land you in one serious ditch, so be careful.

Cam’ron – Spend the Night

This is really my summer “all windows down plus sun roof” jam. The beat on this joint bumps way too hard. It kind of flows up and down like a wave (it’s the best I could come up with). It kind of makes you feel like you’re concrete surfing. Cam flows in and out nonchalantly as usual which goes well with how you’re probably going to be laying way back in your whip bumping this.