College has really got me behind my regular blog reading, so tonight, I decided to sit down with a big ass glass of milk and get back in the swing of things. I came around to one of the first blogs I’ve ever started regularly reading,, and saw this video of Dallas Penn getting violated on at the Adidas originals store in Philly. I’ve never really ever fucked with Adidas outside of flip flops, only because I just didn’t like them, but this gives me another reason to not patronize the three stripes. I know some people would say that one employee doesn’t represent the whole brand, but in actuality, they do. That’s why they wear all Adidas merchandise when they work. They’re agents of the company. If they treat you bad, then the company is treating you bad as well. I couldn’t stop laughing at DP calling them snitches. Is the merchandise really that exclusive that a customer cant have a camera and be rolling while they shop? I agree with what DP said about race too. If that was some Japanese shoe collector on vacation, this shit wouldn’t have happened. What makes it worse, you ask? The employee is (or hopefully was. Hope she gets fired) black. Apparently pushing our own brothers and sisters off the cliff for absolutely nothing is what’s hot on the streets these days.