Kanye collaborated with Spike Jones, to create this short “film.”   Kanye seems to be at a casual affair under the influence. (Probably the henny.) The lights, and the music are very vivid, and you will quickly  become consumed within the dark atmosphere that is the club. (Throughout you will see numerous cameos from people such as Fonzworth Bentley, Ibn Jasper  and Eric Koston.)  Kanye seems to be lost within the influence of the liquor, the scene, and himself. He attempts to hit on various female club goers, failing horribly each time and claiming that he “isn’t thinking about sex!” (yeah right nigga) Everything seems normal at first, but later he fornicates with a couch who is perceived to be a woman, vomits roses, and kills a bear-hamster like creature in which he pulled from within himself. The meaning or plot of this is for you to determine yourself. I find this to be an interesting piece. So watch and enjoy.