“You don’t know my name.

I swear…

It feels like


You don’t know my name.

(‘Round and ’round and ’round we go. Will you ever know?)

Oh! “

I am a diehard Alicia Keys fan. Ever since “Songs in A Minor”, I’ve followed Keys in all of her ambitious endeavors. She is beautiful, intelligent, talented, gorgeous, caring, beautiful, successful and did I say beautiful? She has become quite the fashionista as well, and is regarded as one of the best-dressed women in all of show business. The funny thing is that, when she first hit the scene, we all remember the braids and clothes less revealing than Laura Bush’s. Then, seemingly overnight, this all changed. She unleashed that sexy beast that was within her and just left everyone with their collective jaws open. It was one of those things where you would see a picture or video of Alicia Keys and would go, “Alicia Keys would look way hotter if she embraced her femininity” and when she actually did, she blew your mind and took it way further than you could have imagined.

Her stunning beauty aside, Alicia Keys is quite the philanthropist with her most notable effort seen in her own organization, Keep a Child Alive. As far as her music goes, all of it has been nothing less than great. Her work ethnic is seldom found with other R&B artist of today’s day and age and her unique edge with the piano proved to be more than a gimmick. All of her albums have gone multi-platinum and her acting career is progressing quite nicely. I adore this woman for so many different reasons but the reason that is paramount is her being such a great person. The one after that is her being so damn sexy.

Here Alicia Keys is spotted on CNN discussing her organization, Keep a Child Alive. Her next album, “Element of Freedom” drops on December 1st, 2009, which is also world AIDs day. After that the CNN spot, check out the video for the lead single off of Alicia’s “Element of Freedom” album, “Doesn’t Mean Anything”.