I’ve been a diehard Knicks fan my whole life and for the most part I haven’t had much to cheer about. Even though I was born in NYC, I wasn’t raised in NYC, but that didn’t stop me from adopting the family basketball team. The rich history of Madison Square Garden, the fact that NYC was the mecca of basketball, and the great city that the Knicks represented drew me into the Knickerbocker family. Every new Knick season is met with enthusiasm and the hope that the Knicks will return to their former glory and once again become an elite NBA team is harbored by every Knicks fan across the globe. The sad truth is that we’ve been bad for a very long time now and despite some key personnel changes, things don’t look like they’re getting any better.

My parents could remember the championship years of Willis Reed, Walt “Cylde” Fraizer, and Earl “The Pearl”/”Black Jesus” Monroe perfectly. New York captivated the NBA with their solid team play during this era. We truly helped change the game of the NBA along with the other classic perennial power houses, the Boston Celtics and LA Lakers. Afert a small period of turd worthy seasons after or two Championship years (’70,’73), we ushered in the the Patrick Ewing and John Starks years. The names are momentous: Rick Pintino, Mark Jackson, Charles Oakley, Allen Houston, Larry Johnson, Pat Riley, Latrell Sprewell,  Marcus Camby, and of course the great Starks and Ewing. We had Finals appearances galore, and tons of deep playoff seasons, but could never get to the top of the mountain. It was always Jordan, Robinson, Olajuwon, Miller, or our on personal shortcomings that stopped us. Nonetheless, these were great Knicks years and some of the greatest NBA moments off all time happened in MSG during these years.

After this, only God knows what happened. Ewing retired and everyone else worth a damn got traded or released. Usher in the Isaiah Thomas era. Mr. Marbury found himself back home in NYC with other disposable players like Tim Thomas and Nazir Mohammed. All of this was headed by President Isaiah Thomas, the dumbest NBA president of basketball operations of all fucking time. Horrible contracts and picks littered the news. Larry Brown, Eddy Curry, Micheal Sweetney, and Penny Hardaway are just a few of Thomas’ blunders as Knick President. After Isaiah harassed one of our workers, the buck finally stopped. Enter the so far unfruitful “Donnie Walsh Era” which brought in the no-defense-no-problem-3 pointers-win-championship Mike D’antoni and nobody else worth mentioning.

I always joke that there is no worse atrocity in the world than the New York Knicks but our failures are starting to get old especially when other traditionally bad teams around the league are finding their stroke again and coming up. We are the most valuable NBA franchise of all time……why can’t we buy a championship like the damn Yankees? Whatever the case, I’m already in my “better luck next year mode” and we’re only 10 games in the season. Wade, James, Amare…..please save us in 2010.