I think I can say my first musical love is jazz. It may not be my biggest musical love now (hip hop claims that title) but it is definitely my second biggest. Sometimes, jazz may even be my biggest musical love. Genre superiority aside, jazz is a beautiful music. My father loved the music and even played it, so he made sure I was introduced to it at an early age. I can remember countless nights listening to 89.3 FM WPFW’s drive time jazz show at the kitchen table with my dad calling out the names of songs and artists before the DJ came on and informed the listener (That shit was unreal. He could listen to five seconds of a song and give you the name of the song, all the musicians playing, the album, and the year).  The combination of intricate rhythms, improvisation, and personality is unmatched in any other musical genre. Jazz may very well be the most complex musical genre known to man. After all, how do you explain improvisation? Improvisation is instant and solely up to the performer. No sheet music or conductor can hold the artist back when they are improvising. This is what makes jazz and it’s many artists so amazing. Jazz musicians are the most underrated and unknown musical geniuses of all time. The ability to subliminally weave improvised patterns and rhythms over a base rhythm all while constantly deviating from the original framework and changing keys to add emotional overtones is not valued high enough.

I know a lot of my generation doesn’t listen to jazz, which is perfectly fine. It’s not what we’re exposed to 24/7 or what’s cool. It’s the same reason why my mom doesn’t drive around blasting Tchaikovsky. It’s not that she can’t be Tchaikovsky’s biggest fan, it’s just that certain circumstances haven’t exposed her to his music. It’s also not a matter of refinement or status. Classical music heads can argue all day how they’re superior to everyone else because they listen to opera, orchestral, and concert arrangements but if that’s all they listen to, they’re really not doing anything special. I just want to spread and expose a little jazz to my peers because I love it so much and I think everyone should experience it. So, whenever you see “Real music is gon’ last” as the title of a post, I’ll be sharing one of my favorite jazz albums with you complete with a little description and a download link. Without further ado, enjoy the music.

Dave Brubeck-Time Out

This album is far from being a underground classic or Best kept secret, but I decided to start off with a more universal album. Obviously, this album is legendary and Brubeck is a Living Legend, but the performances of Alto Saxophonist Paul Desmond and drummer Joe Morello can not be overlooked. Especially, in the case of Morello since he had to lay the foundations (along with the outstanding bassist Eugene Wright) on songs with 9/8 time (Blue Rondo A la Turk), 3/4 + 4/4 (Strange Meadow Lark, Three to get Ready, Kathy’s Waltz), 6/4 (Every Body’s Jumping, Pick up Sticks) and 5/4 (Take Five). Desmond is by far the king of the “West Coast Cool” Saxophone style and is extremely pleasant to listen to. The complex time arrangements that Brubeck set up for this album are often overlooked as Brubeck broke jazz’s stark march rhythm perfected by the likes of Coleman Hawkins and Dizzy Gillespie and gave it a new blend of classical western music, jazz improvisation, and indigenous African music. A jazz standard that no one can afford to miss. I personally adore “Strange Meadow Lark” and “Pick Up Sticks”.

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