It’s funny to think that years ago Jeeps were fresh ass cars. Anyway, I’m doing some studying (read: facebook, google, internet shopping) and Bahamadia pops up on my iPod playlist. I hadn’t heard her in a while, so I immediately stopped what I was doing and enjoyed probably the smoothest hip hop song of all time (Yes. I mean that.) She’s a Philly MC with a sinister flow and with the production forces of the Gang Starr Foundation behind her, you can’t help but give her respect. When it comes down to rappers you should definitely know about but some how get eroded by the sands of time, she’s at the top of the list. She’s the most serene person I’ve heard rap on a beat. It’s like therapy in a way. I seriously could play Kollage straight for a month and not listen to anything else. So, listen to this song, because I know you’re going to love it, then find a way to get her debut album, Kollage.

BONUS: (Second smoothest Bahamadia song of all time. I vibe the shit out of t his joint.)