Electro house music is filled with upcoming DJs and artists that are really pushing the musical limits of house and showing the world their unique talents. It seems that every year brings a new litany of talented DJs that wow crowds across the world on wheels of steel or behind the production boards. Artists like Justice, MSTRKRFT, Tocadisco, Hudson Mohawke, Tiga, Gui Boratto, and the Crookers are all examples of the new wave dance excellence. Another artist apart of this faction is Boyz Noize, a German producer and DJ by the name of Alexander Ridha. Ridha takes a no-nonsense approach to his music, which is evident in how outstanding his existing body of work is. Under the pseudonym Boys Noize, Ridha attacks dance floor speakers with hard-hitting electro house all while maintaining a classic German tinge. I’ve actually coined a term because of Ridha called “woofer assault”. ‘Woofer Assault” is when electro house (or music in general) hits so hard and is such a tower of sound that the speakers are getting beat over and over again to a pulp with the resonance of music. True “woofer assault” not only can turn a party out but also blow your brand new speakers. Oh, yes, Ridha is that good.

In fact, Ridha’s debut album under the Boys Noize moniker, Oi Oi Oi, released in 2007, is probably one of my favorite albums of all time. The album literally just smacks you across the face with the hardest electro house I’ve heard in my life. Noize’s debut album starts off with the banger &Down to lay down the foundation and just takes off from there.  Oh! Oh! is a certified club waker and ass shaker, Vergiftet is an upbeat German anthem that’s V-Dub worthy, Lava Lava just oozes dance greatness and Shine Shine is the quintessential “wifeing in the club” song. Hell, I can go on for days about how great every single one of the 14 tracks on Oi Oi Oi are but the point is that the album is ridiculously good. It deserves a serious five out of five rating. It truly is a hallmark of what electro house should be in the 21st century. But enough about Boys Noize’s debut album, how does their sophomore album fare?

Power Starts off with the upbeat banger Gax. Gax is really a great way to start of an album. It shows Boys Noize’s direction with their new album straight out the gate. The opening song points Ridha in a direction of more intricacy and less sap but through it all, the heaviness must remain. Kontact Me, the second song on the album, is a certified banger for sure. Definitely V-Dub approved. Kontact Me is a song that I can see being used to bridge two different philosophies in a mix but it can unquestionably stand alone and get asses moving. Starter introduces a little more movement and jerkiness more in the vein of British products. Nevertheless, Starter, is 100% dance certified and woofer assault stamped. So much energy resides in this song it’s ridiculous. This is the type of stuff that made me fall in love with Boy Noize’s music in the first place. The vocal samples really ignite your soul on this one. From there we move to Jeffer, a slightly trancey song, but tastefully so. It’s a bit gappy and I feel like it could use more of that classic “German sap” that Ridha is known to use so well. Transmission follows this with a German to the bone sound that sneaks the woofer assault on you. The sound is very full and sappy which I really like. I’m also keen of the “rain drop” style keys they used in this one. Nerve is a forgettable song, sorry to say. Trooper even lets me down a bit by having this infinite build up that seems to go nowhere. Sweet Light is another song that I don’t particularly like. It gives a nod to old school club house and things of that sort but it lacks feeling to me. Drummer gets everything back on track with a nice build, climax, and finale. Think of Drummer as a great action movie with a full, developed, plot and lots of action (Not sex. Get your minds out the gutter!). Rozz Box is forgettable as well. Nott is also a bit trancey like Jeffer but it is a fucking BANGER. It’s probably the highest level of woofer assault on the album. This song is certified to be blasted out of any vehicle with four wheels at nonsensical volumes. The finale is Heart Attack, which is very sensual and emotional. It is a very deep song that has a funny way of seeping into your soul. I think it sets the overall tone of this album as being mature than Oi Oi Oi.

Despite the fact that Power is a more mature album than Ridha’s debut effort under the Boys Noize mantra, it isn’t better than his debut effort. With that being said, Power is still an outstanding four and a half star album for sure. It’s just a step behind that wow factor that Oi Oi Oi had and it’s making me discount Ridha half a star. But, even though it doesn’t out assault Oi Oi Oi, it is still a MUST have for any electro house fans and just house fans in general. If you’ve never listened to electro house, this is a good album to help you get acquainted with the sound.

Undgrad Underground gives Boys Noize 4.5 VWs out of 5!

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