A good remix can really take an already good song to an even greater level of goodness. Remixing is indeed an art. It takes a good ear to work an existing song and catapult it in a whole other direction without ruining it. I could name a long list of remixers that are at the top of their game (Take a look at that Boys Noize review. He’s one of them), but it would be too long and would encapsulate way too many genres. The point is that a good collection of remixes ala MSTRKRFT or Prefuse 73 is always fun to listen to.

Always endorsing good music, Adult Swim has teamed up with Beaterator by R* games (think GTA and Midnight Club) to give you excellent remixes of 17 of the ATL’s hottest songs. The album contains songs by the likes of Young Jeezy, Gucci Mane, Shawty Lo, B.O.B., Young Dro, and Gorilla Zoe and remixes by the likes of El-P. Prefuse 73, XXXChange, Flying Lotus, Phaseone and Hudson Mohawke. Best of all, the whole album is up for free download from the Adult Swim website.

Also worth mentioning is the game Beaterator by R* which is a powerful but accessible music mixer available now for the PSP, PS3, and iPhone. It was released four years ago as an internet flash game and was very popular among amateur musicians. I remember playing it myself and it was a hell of a lot of fun. The learning curve is relatively short and the game is definitely worth a play for any type of music fan. World renowned producer Timbaland was on deck to help develop the game as well. You can export your songs and share them with the world and even use your own loops and sounds in game. Check out all the Beaterator info here at its official site.

Stream and download the ATL RMX tracks here