Lou Donaldson-Mr. Shing-A-Ling

“If Lou Donaldson with his new found popularity by the hit makers on radio becomes a most remarkable artist, then his long years of paying dues may be about over.
Among the dissidents of Jazz arts who always claim they can neither understand nor keep time with the music of the jazz musician, Lou Donaldson offers a sampling here that his jazz is easily definable.
As we noted on his Alligator Bogaloo album As one of the chief ambassadors of the people-to-people type jazz communications, this alto-saxophonist, who has shown great concern for continuing the tradition of combining the old with the new, celebrates his homecoming with a new album that promises to continue his prominent position as one of the outstanding contributors to the sound of happy Jazz.”
-Del Shields (Original Linear Notes)

Blue Mitchell-Trumpet
Lou Donaldson-Alto sax
Jimmy Ponder-Guitar
Lonnie Smith-Organ
Idris Muhammad (formally known as Leo Morris)-Drums

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