Allen (The Answer) Iverson was and always will be my favorite basketball player. From his determination and toughness, to his overal style of play, he has always been who i’ve modeled my game after. This mix shows him in his prime. No one has come close to his style and swagger on the court.
He has been known for his press conference during his first term in Philly as a Sixer, Where he was accused of missing numerous practices. With his nonchalant attitude on practice, came his downfall. After being traded from Philly to Denver, Iverson complimented an already well known star in that of Carmello Anthony. This duo was pretty decent, but not decent enough to keep Iverson there. He was then traded to Detroit. This move was rediculous to me. Iverson has always been the center of attention, and Detroit is known for playing “teamball” and being quite successfull at it. After that term he was then traded to Memphis. No comment on that move. After discussing retirement, he announced that he would return to the NBA and play for the Philadelphia 76ers once again. Now personally i couldnt wait to see my hero back on the court. Little did i know that he was not the same player. He still shows flashes of the young A.I. that we all used to love to wwatch, but he shows flashes of other things too (SMH). Recently he was humiliated by the Detroit Pistons guard Rodney Stuckey.