You know that one album that you get and listen to over and over and over again until you know it inside out? Every word, riff, and melody is burned into your brain from constant repetition. No occasion is a bad occasion to play such an album, or at least you think so. You know that album you play so much that you get sick of it and the songs get slower and less intricate until you revisit it a week later and start the cycle all over again? That album for me right now is the Bombay Bicycle Club’s debut album “I Had The Blues But Shook Them Loose”. It’s truly an excellent album and probably my favorite of the year (depending on my mood it even edges out Raekwon’s Cuban Linx II).

I first heard the North London band on a well crafted Indie Rock playlist I snapped up on the internet. The song I heard was called “How Are You” which was released on the “How We Are” EP in October ’07. I had been listening to the song since about the beginning of ’09. It’s a really great song. The song is big, but focused. Lots of sound in your ear, but it’s not harsh. So, I went most of the year listening to this one song, and I finally figured that I should do some more research on the band. I found out that they released their debut album in July ’09 and I quickly procured it. The first listen I gave it was non stop. I’ve listened to thousands of albums in bits and pieces until I finally gave them a straight through listen but BBC got the straight listen immediately. Every song on the album brings something different to the table. It’s just so smooth and polished. The bass lines are just so nice and groovy and the songwriting as well as the vocals from lead singer Jack Steadman are spectacular. When the band gets heavy and loud, it’s never too much and when the band gets soft and light, it’s never too little. In a alternative rock market where gimmicks are slickly packaged and many follow a “weirder is better” mantra, BBC is a gem. It’s straight forward creativity, no bullshit. Usually I would go down the list and describe every song, but there is just no use. I love them all. As a matter of fact, BBC captures something that many artist haven’t been able to do lately and that is put together a collection of songs on an album that feel connected and can be recognized as parts of a whole instead of individual pieces living together on wax. That type of continuity is not only what makes BBC such an enjoyable band, but what makes their album such a delight to listen to as well.

Below is the first BBC song I heard and my favorite off the debut album as well as a download link for the album.

Download “I Had The Blues But I Shook Them Loose” here