Being a soccer player myself, I would have to say that I have come across many different players that i cant help but envy. Then I find some that I dont even envy. Theres no use in envy, when you have no hope of being as good as them. I mean Ronaldinho does things that most players think about doing, yet it doesnt quite work out. His foot speed is unreal. I watched him all throughout my career, and I can’t seem to mimic his talent. I personally have had great success in soccer, being A varsity captain in highschool, All County Honors, and being recruited by numerous schools. I am planning to play for my University this upcoming season. I can only pray that I have one “Ronaldinho” moment, where i make someone look completely un athletic and steal all of their pride in a matter of seconds.

Ronaldinho took a brief timeout from the game recently. There have been many rumors thrown around as to why this occured. One was that he had nowhere to go with his career, since he has taken home just about every award possible for a proffesional soccer player. Personally I dont believe this one, because if I love the sport as much as he does I would play as long as humanly possible. Others say he let the party life takeover his free time and decided to dedicate all of his time to take advantage of his celebrity status around the world. Well whatever the reason is, it doesnt matter anymore, because HE’S BACK!!! His comeback is underway and I wish him the best of luck in taking his crown back.
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