The debate about who the true heir to the Michael Jordan throne is has been battled on playgrounds, in barbershops, in front of the TV, and even on TV. Is it Kobe or Lebron? What about the less popular but still as valid Carmelo and Wade suggestions? That discussion could rage on forever while all these players are in the current spots of their career, but one player wins by default in one after MJ23 category, and that is Lebron James. When it comes to the leading signature basketball shoe, Lebron James’ signature line is the best thing we have right now since Jordan’s. Looking back on the seven feature shoes he’s released, his line has been really good so far and with the current run of the Lebron VII, by far the best one to date, it looks like good days are ahead for Lebron’s signature footwear. Outside of his numbered line, he has other great shoes like the Soldier Series and the 20-5-5. Honestly, the LBJVII itself is the best signature basketball shoe since maybe the Air Jordan XVII. It’s topped all sorts of best of lists and things like that, and people are wearing them. Even Tom Cruise.

This Tom Cruise photo has been all around the net and back, so I’m pretty late on it, but seeing it made me raise the question: Will LBJ23 shoes ever reach the level of Air Jordans? 15 years from now, will the significance of an OG LBJVII be the same as an OG AJVII? Seinfield wore Jays, and now TC is rocking LBJs. As a matter of fact, Jays have been in a smattering of movies and TV shows which helped lead to the astronomical social rise of Air Jordan’s. It seems that with the VII, Lebron has finally reached that status. That “must have” shoe that performs well and looks picturesque all at the same time. The shoe that stars are rocking and people are fiending for. If Lebron wins a couple of championships, then I think it would be solidified, he would be the next Jordan when it comes to having the world’s most prolific signature shoe. He’s a great player, this we know, and he is a great socialite as well. What people are now realizing now is that his line has just as much personality as MJ’s. There are a ton of colorways with cool stories and designs with inspirations from all facets of life, just like MJ’s Air Jordan’s.

I think Lebron’s time is now. He can revive the hysteria that Air Jordan’s gave the world in the late 80’s/early 90’s. And for the sake of all the basketball fans and sneaker-heads out there, I hope he does.