So, eight months later, four incoming college freshmen’s little, extra-curricular, multi-media, blog project  is still kicking. A lot of times, some really good blogs shut down because their resident bloggers get caught up in life. It’s natural, it happens. Everyone has a life to live and I’d rather people not write good, insightful posts because they don’t have time then put together some random thoughts just in the sake of getting posts up. What’s worse is blogs run by the younger crowd that die because its authors lose interest in it. Contrary to popular belief, blogging isn’t as easy as it may seem. Even if you only blog about things you’re interested in.

While most, if not all, of the blogs run by people our age aren’t even close to the web’s best, I think we still have as much influence and worth in the blogosphere as the globe’s best blogs. The way young adults view the world now is more complex then ever and our outlook on life is more complicated then ever. Majority of the world’s art was conceived before your and my existence (unless we’re going back to Holy Days) so only two things could influence you: what has come before you and what comes now. If anybody’s theories on my philosophy should be heard, it’s young adults. The issue is, though, that our current generation of youth is simplifying the way they communicate their ideas, for better or worse. In terms of the blogosphere, this can be reiterated as the “same thing, different blog” phenomenon. You know, the 300,ooo blogs that pop up everyday about people’s cats or daily routines or the umpteen-million blogs that pop up reviewing music “that you should listen to”? Instead of painting a picture or writing a novel, today’s society writes short blurbs on websites about the things they’re feeling for the world to witness. And a lot of the time, there are tons of people that feel the same way as you about something that also seem to have a blog. Apparently, a lot of people have a problem with that reality though.

I don’t see where the problem is. People complain that most of the blogs being introduced today are “nothing new” and are regurgitating the same news, ideas, and media. In many cases, people do just copy and paste content with no personal feedback but, for the most part, people have something to say. After all we live in a country that lets us exercise our first amendment rights very well and often (somewhat surprisingly?). And even though opinions are like assholes, everyone has one; everyone also has a different one. Even if they’re similar, they’re still different. Like I said before, blogging isn’t necessarily easy. It’s not hard per se, but it aint easy either. The point is that people work and dump minutes, hours, and days worth of mental property into their blogs, which are like small windows into people’s lives, and they usually do it for you, the reader, not themselves.

Hardly any idea is truly new. For the past two centuries, you can name a trillion different inventions or things that haven’t been built upon or improved and whose true prominence came once somebody took the first concrete idea and decided to do their own thing to make it better or just more unique. The same applies to the blogosphere. If you think you’re doing something new, chances are you’re not. Hell you fucked up once you started the blog. New idea that is, huh? Just because it’s not new, doesn’t mean it can’t be good, no matter what the subject matter. We’re a huge community, us bloggers, and what community doesn’t have similarities? Beyond that, despite the fact that a lot of blogs cover similar topics, people still support them with views. Also contrary to popular belief, people are interested in other people’s minute personal life details and interests. The world’s population appreciates people’s willingness to take the effort to open up to them for applaud, praise, disparagement and criticism.

So, to those people, I want to give a huge THANK YOU. Thank you to ALL the people that have viewed this blog and others. Whether you’ve visited once or click here everyday, thanks. Hell, even if you clicked here by accident, thanks. Without, you the readers, this would be pointless and our community, with all its similarities (and differences) would be dead. Readers are really what make the world go round, and without all the readers, we wouldn’t have even started doing this shit.

If you weren’t here since day one and even if you have, I encourage you to skip back and view all the stuff we’ve posted so far on the blog. With college life being the life we live and all, posts don’t go up as often as they should, but in the time of our blog’s short existence, we’ve thrown a lot of content around the blog we would love for you to check out. Do a little crate diggin’ one day. And as always, check back often on the homepage for new content.

We appreciate all the support we get over here at UND headquarters and we appreciate all the people out there that blog, just like us.