Wale has recently dropped videos for two songs “Pretty Girls” and “My Sweetie.” “Pretty Girls” if I’m correct is the 2nd single from Wale’s Attention Deficit and was supposed to be the really “BIG” song with the Gucci Mane feature that would have really put Wale out there to the general public. (I’m saying this as I’ve met people who didn’t know who Wale was. smh.) My Sweetie is another song Wale did for his Nigerian folk and is an iTunes bonus track for the album. Upon watching both videos, I was disappointed with the “Pretty Girls” vid. The video looked cheap and unfinished simply put (WTF was up with that green screen shit?).  But the “Sweetie video was well put together. (Great job by director Tabi Bonney) Why would your BET premiered video be so bad and the iTunes bonus joint be so good? Things I Don’t Understand…..

My Sweetie

Pretty Girls

Due to the powers that be. The Pretty Girls video cannot be found right now. Watch MTV Jams or somethin…..EDIT: Here’s a link for it http://www.worldstarhiphop.com/videos/video.php?v=wshh92NmfFt8qCuk743I