So, if you know me, you know I’m a DJ Premier stan fan. He’s on or near the top of all types of hip hop (and music in general) lists for me, but regardless of my bias, his contributions to hip hop are near infinite and all magnificent. He epitomizes the essence of diggin in the crates and is the master of the two bar loop. It isn’t a matter of luck that Premier hooks up with some of the world’s greatest lyricists to lay vocals over his loops either. The man is just living proof of how great this hip hop thing really is. Premier is always on his grind, doing shows, laying tracks, or just educating heads which is a testament to his outstanding work ethic. A while a go, I came across another outstanding example of his work ethic, a mixtape with a great underground duo called Verbal Threat. Verbal Threat (Kool Sphere & M.C. Reppond) are some serious lyricists. Couple their great rhymes and their golden era vibe with Premier’s great beats, and you’ve got yourself a great listen folks.