March is upon us folks. Fuck the coming of a new season, it’s NCAA tournament time. The long 2009-2010 regular season and conference tournaments are all in the books and the fight for the championship begins. And what a great season it was! There were upsets galore, especially in the ultra competitive Big East, which I still feel is the strongest conference in the NCAA. Outside of the great games the world was able to witness (Kansas State/Texas was my favorite, although it wasn’t the best), there were a select handful of players that showed unparalleled ability on the court. Standouts that come to mind include Evan Turner, Wesley Johnson, Sherron Collins, Greg Monroe, Dennis Clemente, John Wall, Kyle Singler, and Robbie Hummel but there are many, many more. My favorite part about the tournament and why I am so obsessive over it is the high level of basketball these young men (and women, even though the women’s bracket is UCONN and fuck the rest) exhibit. The intensity of the players is primal even. The need to win is evident on every possession. No play comes and goes without 110% effort from the ten players on the floor. It’s such a more simple and fundamental game at the collegiate level and when infused with such a high level of intensity, the viewer is forced to appreciate the game of basketball even more than they already do.

The biggest part of March Madnees for NCAA basketball fans  is filling out brackets. I used to fill out like 5-6 brackets back in the day. And it wasn’t a coin flip affair either. I mean I would crunch numbers and research match-ups until my brain hurt. If I didn’t know shit about a team, I damn sure educated myself as quickly as possible and analyzed the matchup they had. I can’t remember most of my brackets well enough to recall how correct I picked the winners, but I know I predicted champions in Maryland (2002) and Florida (2006) before. Without actually finishing my bracket ( I still have until 7 on Tuesday) my early, and probably final picks for the Final Four are Georgetown versus Syracuse in the West Region and Kentucky versus Notre Dame in the East Region. My eventual winner in the Kentucky/Syracuse title game would be the Syracuse Orangemen.

I can’t wait until the tourney gets underway and all 64 of these teams go head to head. It looks like there is going to be some great games, but I think the upsets will be minimal. I hope you enjoy the tournament as much as I. Good luck to all the teams participating!