As I watch this Kansas State/Xavier game on my television (GREAT GAME. It may be over by the time I finish writing this though), one thought keeps creeping up in my mind. That precise thought is this: My bracket this year is fucked the fuck up. Where do I begin America? Georgetown and Notre Dame, two of my Final Four picks and Big East powerhouses, lose in the first round to Ohio (Not State. Ohio University) and Old Dominion respectively. What about Kansas? The overall number one seed of the tournament loses in the second round to the University of Northern Iowa. No disrespect to the UNI students and faithful, but that shit still hasn’t sunk in for me yet. Let me bring up Murray State’s beat down of Vanderbilt in the first round, making that like four years in a row of first round exits for the Commodores of Vanderbilt. Oh, but the Big East is really looking silly out there. I already touched on the Hoyas and Fighting Irish, but what about the Villanova Wildcats? They go to overtime with Robert Morris and lose in the second round to the Saint Mary’s Gaels. What the fuck is a Gael? Ridiculous. There are a couple more upsets to mention, but I want to keep it in the Big East for what I feel is the biggest upset of them all.

If you follow college basketball, you might of heard of Syracuse basketball. Former National Champions a few years ago with Carmelo Anthony and coached by the sure hall of famer, Jim Boeheim, many people in the nation felt that this was the best team in the nation this year. Hell, I picked them as the nation’s champion. That zone defense the Syracuse Orange played seemed impenetrable¬†to me and even with the lost of Arinze Onuaku, I still felt that Syracuse had the personnel to make a championship run. The combination of Jardine, Johnson, and Rautins is hard to bet against. But Butler found a way to beat them and so did all these other mid-major teams that had upsets this year. Considering this brings me to a perplexing question.

Are the “power” teams over-rated, or are these mid-majors really as good as these key wins their amassing? I mean there are only a handful of big conference, high profile teams to grab recruits, and many of these recruits are going to have to sit behind upper-classmen for a while before they get their real shot at stardom (unless you’re John Wall). So, why not go to, say, a UNI, be the main option, and become a star? Mike Beasley went to K-State, and not saying that K-State wasn’t a respectable program before him, but he was the last nudge to put the Wildcats on the map. They racked up on the top recruits and are fighting for a title as I write this. Beasley could have went to any other big name college and played limited minutes but he chose a less popular school in K-State as his springboard to the league. It looks like a lot of players are following in Beasley’s steps. I can’t call it now, but a major power shift may be occurring on college basketball. The rise of the mid-major may truly be happening.

I don’t know what the hell is going on, but it has been making for some captivating basketball. This year’s tournament truly put the “Madness” back into March Madness.