The highly touted Kush & OJ, dropped by Pittsburgh’s finest, Wiz Khalifa, has been among us officially for a few days and it seems as though it has lived up to its hype. A lot of praise is going to the production on this mixtape as well as Khalifa’s requisite boastful lyrics tastefully laced with innumerable marijuana references. I know many hip hop fans, including myself, found something quite interesting in the 12th track called “Visions”. The sample used for that track is also used in MF DOOM’s “One Beer” track off of the MM…Food? album released in 2004. That track was produced by Madlib and contains a sample from a song called “Huit Octobre 1971” by French fusion jazz band Cortex. Now, I know a lot of people detected this similarity immediately but I thought it would be interesting to compare the two. I feel like the beat Wiz rhymes over is a better manipulation of the Cortex track because it is far more intricate and sinuous than Madlib’s more exclamatory approach to the sample. As far as the lyrical content of the songs, both rappers gave a valiant effort, but it’s hard for me to go against DOOM’s multifaceted style. For what it’s worth, Khalifa’s rhymes are juvenile compared to DOOM’s. What do you think? Simply put, which song is better?

Original Sample

MF DOOM- “One Beer”

Wiz Khalifa- “Visions”