A while back in my “Just a sample” segment, I commented that finding the sample or samples of a great beat was like finding a pot a gold. Well, if anything replicates this experience, it’s finding a great new song that you just can’t stop listening to. Now, I’m very familiar with Madlib, a little bit less with Medaphoar, but I definitely wasn’t familiar with this song at all until a couple of minutes ago and I couldn’t be more happier that I now am. I can chalk this post up to nothing more than loving and enjoying a piece of music that is new to my ears. By the end of the month, I probably will have played this song “out of my ears” so to speak, but this thought is irrelevant. It is irrelevant because a few months after I put this sweet, sultry example of hip hop away in the recesses of my mind, it will creep up again and my love affair with this song will be reinvigorated. This feeling that I’m writing about is just another reason why I love hip hop. It’s a completely personal experience, even though I am attempting to share it with you through prose, there is no way I can fully synthesize the feeling I am feeling right now through words. Or as Medaphoar so eloquently puts in the song, “We can’t explain how it pumps through the veins”. Enjoy the cut!