Fresh off the heels of being waxed poetic over a dope Madlib/Medaphoar collaboration, I am here to present another dual effort including the two for my “Just a Sample” segment. Same parameters as usual, I just stumble upon a sample and connect the dots, but I must admit, this segment came with a bit less surprise than the others. This edition of “Just a Sample” has Madlib at the helm of a Bobby Caldwell sample called “Carry On”. Madlib speeds up the sample considerably, but to good results. The piano is the dominant part of the Caldwell song and Madlib translates that sound well onto the beat. It’s a great choice of sample because the Caldwell sample song and the lyrics by Medaphoar are related in a sense because they both express personal thoughts about the past. “Can’t Hold On” is a brilliant hip hop song and “Carry On” is a powerful reminder of the past.

Original Sample

The Song