If you’ve happened to turn your eyes to any news channel the past couple of weeks, I’m pretty sure you’ve seen the continuing developments of the “Tea Party” movement. I’m slowly collecting facts on the whole issue, but it seems like there are a lot of people in this country not happy with the current fiscal policies our government has at the moment and are arguing for some drastic changes. Now, I must admit, my knowledge of this whole movement isn’t quite up to par yet, but I’ve been noticing a few things that’s helping me understand this whole movement little bit better. First, it seems that this movement is strongly aligned with the right-wing and by the nature of its demands, starkly anti-Obama. Second, it seems that the movement is anything but a peaceful appeal to our government to adopt conservative ideals and agendas. I’ve seen a few instances where tea party supporters have expressed racial, sexist, and anti-gay values. No protest, whether it be something I support or not, should include any of those values. Third, it seems that the appeals of this protest are becoming increasingly more volatile. In some cases the movement has been rallying behind images of revolution as inspiration for their protest. I will continue to learn more about every aspect of this movement and write more about it later, but as it stands now, I cannot see anything within this movement worth supporting. Below is a link to a great article written by Tim Wise called “Imagine if the Tea Party was black” that I found on the Daily Math website. It is a great article outlining how much privilege and lead-way these Tea Party supporters are being given and how if the supporters were majority black instead of white, that this movement would be considered a terrorist movement and it’s supporters would be considered public enemies.

“Imagine if the Tea Party Was Black” – Tim Wise