When it comes down to basketball shoes, Nike takes the honor of creating the most innovative, attractive, and effective balling shoes in all the land. From the Air Jordan I, to the Fomaposite, to the CB34s, to the Hyperflights, Nike does things with basketball shoes that no other athletic shoe company dares to attempt. I’ve actually had a couple of chances to do some in-depth research on the Nike design process for some school assignments and I must  say it isn’t a simple conveyer belt process. It’s completely open-ended and organic. Anything, I mean anything, is possible for these guys. Inspiration can from anything like snakes to fighter planes, while technology can range  from parts used on suspension bridges to materials found in high performance automobiles. Innovation has always been Nike’s calling card and in this new century of athletics, Nike is trying more than ever to push the envelope on what people consider the ideal athletic footwear for different sports.

Now, earlier this year I posted a video Nike did to showcase the Lebron VII Playoff Shoe and in this post, I present a similar video for a new model Nike is pushing called the Zoom Hyperfuse. As the name suggests, it has the well-regarded Zoom Air cushioning system along the sole but the shoe contains a combination of a new technology dubbed “Fuse” on the upper and other composite materials. With this project, Nike tried to design their most durable, breathable, and supportive basketball shoe yet. I would try explain how all this works, but I’ll let the design wizards at Nike handle that in the video. If you’re a shoe geek like me, you’ll really enjoy this one.