Like seemingly most of the 18-24 American demographic, I like M.I.A.’s music. Her music is pretty catchy considering that she can’t really rap and her subject matter can sometime be confusingly ambiguous. It’s fun looking forward to new music from acts like M.I.A. whose music is unique. It’s always nice to hear a fresh morsel of pioneering music. Well, on June 29th, M.I.A. is going to be dropping a new album called /\/\/\Y/\ (Maya), and you can expect to hear one or two more singles to leak before the album drops. One single had been out for a while and now has a new remix including Jay-Z. If you were late to the party like me, you can find the song “XXXO” here. As far as the song however, I have mixed thoughts. I can’t come to the choice of whether I love it or hate it. On one hand it’s a nice, little, dance single, but on the other, it’s a mindless electronica song with a wack ass hip hop feature verse. What  do you think? Is M.I.A.’s new single good or bad?