Things have been sort of slow around headquarters lately. No real reason for the break in the action other than one of us has a job and the rest of us wake up sometime after one o’clock  and bullshit all day. Summer will do that to you, but how can you blame us? I mean Summer is a blast and in about two months, I’m going to be crooked over a library desk reading literature  three centuries older than Bill Cosby. A little rest and relaxation is warranted before the hallowed halls of our respective colleges come calling for us to rush through them late for class in our sweat pants. Call it an exercise in carpe diem. Anyway, I’ve got some new music by Kayne X Rawse, Gucci Mane, Ron Artest (!), and Vado.

Ron Artest “Champions (remix)” (feat. T-Pain)

Vado Freestyle on The Morning After w/ Angela Yee

Gucci Mane “Poltergeist”

Rick Ross feat. Kanye West “Live Fast Die Young”