“Le Tigre is an American brand of apparel designed to rival Lacoste in styling. First offered in 1977, Le Tigre polos sported a leaping tiger in lieu of Lacoste’s signature crocodile and Retro Fox’s leaping fox. The brand made a comeback in 2003, after being out of production through the 1990s. Le Tigre had become popular during the later 1980s; celebrities from Chamberland, LL Cool J, and even Ronald Reagan were seen wearing the tiger. The company is based in New York City. Le Tigre was purchased in 2007 by Kenneth Cole Productions.”

Recently in the random yet productive days at headquarters a conversation came up regarding the old brand we used to love and respect in that of “Le Tigre”. A few of us recall owning various peices in our youth but remember the fall and fold of this remarkable clothing provider. While in one of my bro’s and fellow undergrad’s crib we had a session of Le Tigre showcasing. All of the items we still own are def worth pulling out of the woodwork. I personally am only fortunate enough to own two items. While my bro own numerous items. Upon further research I found out that a comeback is in affect as we speak. In December 2009, an ad campaign was attempted with use of Tiger Woods. Although only a few actual ads were actually executed, it was a start of what I think will be something special. So if you want to step your old school and or classic wear game up. Look into Le Tigre and do your research, and Im sure you will like what you see. Ofcourse Lacoste and Polo will always be staples in our fashion industry. But why not throw em a curve ball by taking them back, and I guarentee you will catch those simple minded folk who arent into fashion as much who ask “What the hell is that tiger on your shirt? Fake Lacoste?” and you shall reply ” NO HOE DIS DAT LE TIGRE…FUCK YOU PAY ME!!!”