May I present to you the visual for “XXXO” off of M.I.A.’s recent third album. I was excited when I heard that a video was coming for “XXXO”, seeing that “XXXO”  is my favorite song off of the album. The video goes right along with the album’s overall theme of hyper-connectivity and the social networking age, and zeros in on the theme of love in the internet age by showcasing a super-sensual version of M.I.A amongst shots of youtube loading bars, assorted flowers associated with affection, and graphics reminiscent of Myspace. Some cultural cues from M.I.A.’s home land of Sri-Lanka make an appearance as well such as various instances of what I assume is Tamil Script. The video is simple , nothing too special, but that super-sensual version of M.I.A. is all I need to make this video ones of my favorite of the year so far.