I think EA Sports might take on another loss when it comes to indoor sports this year, now that I see the brand new trailer for NBA 2K11. I’m most excited about the classic player feature. Imagine putting “The Glove” against “CP3” or “The Reignman” against Dwight Howard. I also heard that the inclusion of Jordan being playable allowed 2K to put all 23 of the numbered Air Jordans in the game. Now my created player can shoot three pointers on Madison Ave in style! As far as the gameplay, everything looks a little bit more fluid and imaginative. I think 2K will really deliver on their promise to put more control in the players hands. The presentation touches are always my favorite. It’s cool to see John Wall do his dance and Mo Williams throw up the One Eye when he strikes a three. Now, if only 2K could make football games again.