When I think of certain sub-cultures and hobbies found predominately in the United States, I seldom believe that those same hobbies can be found elsewhere in the world with a similar magnitude as found in the US. But every time I think this, I’m usually very wrong. If a sub-culture has global appeal these days, I’ve learned better than to think that people miles across the globe from me are interacting with that culture less aggressively as us stateside folks do. While searching the interwebs for the latest sneaker news and updates, I came across this short documentary on sneaker culture in South Africa. Now, I can’t say that I didn’t think sneaker culture existed in South Africa, but I was surprised to see how similar it was to the two sneakerhead epicenters of the US and UK. The video is fast-paced and a fun watch and made me raise two questions. Does the continued sustainability of the global sneakerhead culture owe it’s success more to hip hop or basketball?