A new NBA season is quickly approaching us fans, and that means a new Lebron signature shoe is coming as well. I donned the Air Max Lebron VII the best so far of a pretty good serious of Lebron signature footwear. I went so far as to say that the VII was the best Nike basketball shoe in years. With all that high praise I gave to the VII, I was really excited about the thought of the VIII blowing me out the water and changing the game again. The early photos showed little promise though. The shoe was bulky, flywired to the brim, and had the same 360 Air sole as the VII. I was ready to write it off and condemn Nike for not keeping up the VII’s design momentum but, now with the final, refined version of the VIII set to release some time later this year, I can truly say, I’ve changed my mind. The kind of twist upper looks very cool and the materials look very premium. The Flywire touches are tastefully done but I really wish Nike would have worked in it’s Torch technology that is also found in their Hyperfuse model. The new 360 sole looks like it has a little bit more flexibility in it which I felt was a minor problem of the VIIs, so it’s nice to see the designers fix that. Check out the video with lead designer Jason Petrie to get a little bit more information on the brand new Lebron VIII.