EA Sports will release Fight Night Champion in March 2011. It is EA Sports first M- rated title. Ever. Its full of realistic blood and bruising for you boxing fans out there. It includes (taken from EA sports forums)

– Game looks smoother with light motion blur, improved physics and lighting effects.
– Tale of the tape screens.
– more dynamic default camera
– Numerous control alterations and gameplay tweaks.
– 6 control schemes, default includes punching with the stick AND buttons (?)
– “Full Spectrum Punch Control” lets you throw double the variation of punches from round 4.
– Overhands, flair straights and hookercuts are examples of new punches in addition to our old repertoire.
– One button blocking allowing you to tap for a single punch or. Hold for lasting coverage.
– Punching out of the block.
– Haymakers are gone, replaced with a power modifier for all punches.
– New stun states, including a “rung bell” that can last minutes, and even carry round to round.
– TWO stamina bars, aerobic and anaerobic. One for punching one for movement.
– Much closer inside fighting, including moving the opponent chest to chest.
– In ring referee.
– Automated between round corner game. Balanced and no more “points.”
– Fighters move different over the course of a lengthy fight.
– In addition to Legacy mode (which is returning) there is a new “Champion” mode that is (more or less a “story mode” #relledited)
– Legacy upgrades like money which can be used to hire managers and other staff.
– Also in Legacy, international gym travel for advanced training.
– 10 training minigames.
– Legacy starts with lenghier amateur career with olympic scoring and equipment.
– 55-60 licensed fighters along with yet-to-be-revealed new faces.
– First EA sports title to be rated M for blood and language. Speculation that some trainers in legacy have potty mouths.
– There’s a screenshot of two fighters fighting with no gloves, just handwraps duking it out.

One thing it doesn’t include is Floyd Mayweather. I dislike this. Ill leave you with an official trailer for the game. Enjoy. See you on Xbox Live niggas.