I reside in a family filled with car enthusiasts and automotive geeks. It is a trait that runs in our bloodline and we are quite proud of this fact. So, whenever I can get a chance to see all of my favorite cars, under one roof, up close and personal, for a small fee, I cordially accept the invitation. For the next week or so at the Washington Convention Center, you too will be able to accept the invitation and experience all of the majesty and grandeur of the 2011 Washington Auto Show. The show runs from January 28th until February 9th and is going to be choc full of special events, giveaways, and guest appearances. If all you care about is the cars, then I suggest you come early (I, for instance, was there at the 10 AM opening on the first day of the show. No funny business.). If you’re all about the entertainment, check the event schedule before you go to plan your trip accordingly.

For the car enthusiast the show provides a consumer angle and a spectator angle. The show is populated with many exotics and classics as well as cup and touring race cars and most major domestic and import makers have their latest year line-ups on the floor for full interaction as well. Going to the booths and interacting with fellow show goers can produce some intriguing conversations and arguments. For example, while at the Volkswagen booth (VW>*insert car maker here*), I struck up a conversation with a former Jetta owner while we both stared at the beautiful 2012 Passat. He told me about how the Jetta was the best car he’s ever owned and I sympathized with him on its untimely and tragic death. Another conversation had me and a man twice my age lamenting at the fact that the new S-Class Mercedes came with a donut instead of a full size spare.  It is always a fun and inviting atmospheres with families checking out potential buys, up-and-coming business men and women scoping out their next sportscar purchase and enthusiast mucking it up about what car is best.

If you’re in the area, check it out. It’s really great fun, especially if you love the automobile. More info here.