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Rell Related Photography….

Alley, originally uploaded by BoredONE1xRELL.

I take a class, Photo 140. Its strictly black and white photography and you develop your own film. I’ve learned alot about photography in general.  (You know, taking pics, shutter speed, etc.) And developing your own film is a bitch. I’ve lost 2.5 rolls (prob a lil more than that) of film due to sunlight exposure. I’ll post more pics and backstory later. Check me out on flickr for more.

Summer Blues

As the summer draws to a close for all of us, all of those from the graduating class of 2009 are hit with reality. College is looming in the horizon for us, and suddenly, the campus you’re attending feels larger than you remember from college visits no matter how big or small you initially thought it to be. That surreal feeling you had when you graduated high school has caught up with you, turning into anxiety. With college, there is nobody to hold your hand when you’re confused about something. If you need something, you have to go out and find out yourself, no more mommy and daddy to yell at administrators if you think you deserve a better grade. Everything you do in college in on you, and many of us are (afraid of/not used to) it. It’s entirely up to you whether or not you go to classes. But I’m sure all those who are reading this probably heard it a million times from their parents, so I won’t reiterate about that anymore. As some of us pack up to head off, we all look forward to the experiences that will come with our first year of college, and we only hope we don’t get caught up in those experiences. We can only hope that we make it through these next four years, to climb the final rungs on the education ladder that we all started 13/14 years ago.

So from an 09 graduate to all 09 graduates, enjoy the college life, and don’t get too caught up.

Now here’s a random track I’m listening to right now.

Kick, Push II – Lupe Fiasco (Food and Liquor)