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Well Thought Out Twinkles

Newest member, DudeOnTheMoon here. Or you can refer to me simply as Tey. Just a quick intro. Born in New Orleans, LA, but raised in the area known as the DMV. If I said cars, woman, sneakers, etc. were my passions, you’d call me just another “typical” guy right? Not the case. Music, the arts, poetry are just a few of the things that drive me as well.

What more can I say without further rambling? Here I am, another fresh mind added to what has been an excellent project of sorts. I’m neither here to mess with a good thing nor make any drastic changes. I’m just here to give my perspectives and help my colleagues deliver a message to those that already enjoy the site, and those that will in the future. Stay tuned, (more) great things are on the horizon….

What up world? This is dohboi, the latest addition to a group of fresh minds fresh outta the system. A system filled with routine standardized tests, early mornings, crowded halls, and boring speeches. And as my colleagues said, join us as we open our minds to new cultures, ideas, and styles while we venture off our separate ways into the unknowns of college life. As for a little bit about myself, I’m a young man filled with hopes and dreams, as well as the confidence to achieve them one day. I’m of Vietnamese descent, but I was born and raised in this great country of ours (its U.S.A., just to make sure people don’t get me wrong). I have strong interests in music, culture, politics, cars and fashion. For each of those, I try to keep my own opinion, instead of following what others think. And its my own opinion that I will bring to you, so bookmark this page, and enjoy.

i Am Jimmybonez……..

I AM JIMMYBONEZ. I am DC born and Maryland raised. Slim with the tilted brim (Most likely a Nationals joint). I love music, basketball, sneakers, art, women, life, etc. Things most of you enjoy. As far as music, i listen to everything just about. (From Gucci Mane to Big L. From Daft Punk to Devin the Dude to Linkin Park.) While Antmox specializes in multimedia, crazyhorsethechief specializes in journalism, i myself am skilled with art mainly using the computer to create many things such as the banner u see before you. I’m different, you’ll see soon enough what i mean. It has begun…….

Welcome to our thought process

We are starting a revolution. We need followers, so lend an ear to our thoughts and feeling. Myself (AntMo X), CrazyhorseThechief, and JimmyBonez are three young black music, and fashion lovers that just want to get our opinions out. We have very different views on certain topics but each of us adds our own little flavor to this group Undergrad Underground. So sit tight and check us out over the next four years that we are in college and see how we grow as people. As we say “The Engine To Our Comprehension Is Just Too Complex”.