As we all know, we all witnessed a historic election last year, as our president, Barack Obama, was elected into office. Now its been about eight months since he took office, and Obama has been hard at work trying to get things done before his honeymoon period is over. As I look back on the past months, its been hectic with a flurry of government bailouts, new reforms to financial institutions, and measures to ensure that the economy doesn’t collapse on his watch. And as he tries harder and harder to push his agenda, people are beginning to doubt in our new president. Since the honeymoon period is beginning to end soon, Obama needs to scramble to maintain the supporters he has, and pass legislation that the house is divided on before its too late. House and Senate officials have been starting to give pressure on Obama about his new health care reform that he wants to pass. As pressures increase, its safe to say that the practically perfect honeymoon is soon ending.

But please, give Obama a break. He picked up the country during one of the nation’s most trying economical times in the 21st century. He’s doing the best he can with the little resources that Bush left him while in office. So while people are crying “SOCIALIST!”, please remember that is it us who wants government to do something, while not doing anything to interfere at all.

So far, Obama has done well with passing new government programs to stimulate the economy, and changing the face of the financial sector. From the ever popular CARS program (if you have a crappy car with bad mileage, the government gives you $3000-$4000 to buy a new, better mileage car), to reforming credit card companies’ once unlimited rights to do whatever they want to your rates. He’s bailed out the core of America’s economy, and saved our economy from COMPLETELY collapsing. So now, let Obama do his job, and let him “forget” the return tickets back to Washington, D.C. from his honeymoon.

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