While searching for good music to download to expand my iTunes library, I stumbled upon an up and coming hip hop group called U-N-I. Hailing from the streets of LA, this group brings a much needed breath of fresh air to a hip hop community suffocated by the stench of garbage “rappers”. U-N-I is bringing back that old school hip hop, and for those who don’t know, they’re rhyming about subjects other than getting ass, cars, and ballin, in every other song they produce. They aren’t about killing “gangstas”, robbing people, or dealing drugs because they live in the ghetto. And they definitely aren’t doing it to create terrible dances that have somehow captured the minds of today’s youth. No, this duo stays true to hip hop and the essence that so many new artists lack. So before you go and question their credibility as good hip hop artists because of their lack of shooting, killing, dealing, or raping, remember that the roots of hip hop wasn’t all about that. They were once about the freedom of expression, using rhyming as their weapon of choice. So they once again prove that you don’t have to rep a flag to a quickly up-and-coming name in the industry. So without further ado, here are some mixtapes of this duo, and a recent single for your listening pleasure.

Land of the Kings – U-N-I

Official U-N-I Site <—- click to download the mixtapes from their official site!