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Art Under Pressure

We all know the skate scene in DC is poppin. So is the Graffiti scene. Well not too far from all the hoopla downtown, sits a shop that can supply you with Skate, Graffiti, Clothing, Shoes, Rap shows, etc. 4807 Georgia Ave. is the place to be. Right down the street from good ole Howard University. I personally shop there regularly and DJ at alot of their events. Check out the site http://www.shopaup.com/

New shit from the young Kool Klux Klan member Crashprez. Check out all of the Klan material at http://koolkluxklan.com/artworks-000038864696-lx77vp-t500x500

Mac 11, Uptown reppin

Like lyricism? Like real MC’s, Like real niggas? Check out my brother and big homie Nate Greyskii’s new visual for his track “Mac 11” and peep his bandcamphttp://nateg.bandcamp.com/album/mac-11 . 

Folarin Holds You Down

Had to throw some Wale at my people before I depart the DMV. The reggae hit Hold You- Freestyle……..I bangs wit it……this time tmrw i shall be back in at school. So from the Undergrad Underground….We LUH YALL!!!!…


Rell Related Photography….

Alley, originally uploaded by BoredONE1xRELL.

I take a class, Photo 140. Its strictly black and white photography and you develop your own film. I’ve learned alot about photography in general.  (You know, taking pics, shutter speed, etc.) And developing your own film is a bitch. I’ve lost 2.5 rolls (prob a lil more than that) of film due to sunlight exposure. I’ll post more pics and backstory later. Check me out on flickr for more. http://www.flickr.com/BoredONE1xRELL

My Newest Impression of Smooth

Ok now this happens to be MY favorite band. Lately I have been on a gogo rampage, downloading everything. My roomate hates gogo but i let him hear this along with my other friends from outside of the DC area and they actually liked it and every gogo lover that heard it had to get the CD. So im giving to our followers. DOWNLOAD…..SMOOTH from start to finish,,,ALL NEW SONGS


The Foundation

My foundation is complex, yet simple. DC is my city of birth. It takes a trained eye to see past the rough exterior of my city and see the true beauty that it offers. We are the only city that isn’t really considered a city, yet everyone knows all about us. We house our contry’s government, and have become the heartbeat of this country.

Although we are known for our black on black crime, we still prove to be a very productive city. DC and its metro area produce many pro ball players every year. We also produce alot of art students and have our own genre of music. Our style and way of life is so recognizable, that anyone from DC can spot another native from a mile away. I respect my city and others. But I know that DC will always have my heart