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Krismerica EP

If you are not hip to the DC Rock movement here is some new music from the band Identity Krisis. New style, new look, new feel. Enjoy

A Taste of The Krisis Kids

Check out the new single from Identity Krisis’ new EP

New Lightspeed Listen

So, my favorite band right now is Lightspeed Champion despite tough competition for that spot from so many different acts. Devonte Hynes is nothing less than brilliant and “Falling Off A Lavender Bridge” was an outstanding studio album debut. My recent indie rock listens have showcased some superb songwriters which is always a privilege. Great songwriters craft insightful lyrics that require you to think through their music. This in return enhances the experience for you and me, the listeners.

“Falling Off A Lavender Bridge” was an eager album. Hynes got out the gate quick and established his morals and values quickly with the first couple of songs. It was a linear shot from song to song. “Life Is Sweet! Nice To Meet You” avoids this sort of narrative path. Hynes visits more places and sounds in this album. It’s like that one family member that has all this cool, weird, shit in their house. You want to see it all, and it will all easily please you, but you don’t know where to start or finish. When you finish “Life Is Sweet! Nice To Meet You” you wont be able to truly explain it’s high level of musical diversity and meaning until you mull over the tracks album once again. The instrumentation is spot on. Hynes is one of the most versatile multi-instrumentalists I’ve heard in a while. His guitar is the high spot of all his efforts but sometimes his efforts on other instruments, like the piano shine through. One example of that is “The Big Guns of Highsmith”.

So where does Hynes actually stand with “Life Is Sweet! Nice To Meet You”? I commend him for expanding his sound. It now has a higher ceiling which will allow him to explore more ideas within his new concept of his sound. I also applaud his ability to continue the pattern of cohesion throughout his tracklist just  like he did on his first album, but still be able to explore new sounds.  It’s not necessarily something that is terribly new or innovative, but it is an excellent effort. It’s a great listen for any indie rock fan looking for a new perspective on the same, old landscape.

I give “Life Is Sweet! Nice To Meet You” a 4.5 out of 5 Saints