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Art Under Pressure

We all know the skate scene in DC is poppin. So is the Graffiti scene. Well not too far from all the hoopla downtown, sits a shop that can supply you with Skate, Graffiti, Clothing, Shoes, Rap shows, etc. 4807 Georgia Ave. is the place to be. Right down the street from good ole Howard University. I personally shop there regularly and DJ at alot of their events. Check out the site http://www.shopaup.com/

Mac 11, Uptown reppin

Like lyricism? Like real MC’s, Like real niggas? Check out my brother and big homie Nate Greyskii’s new visual for his track “Mac 11” and peep his bandcamphttp://nateg.bandcamp.com/album/mac-11 . 

meanwhile in harlem world

Killa speaking on a multitude of different topics. There is a new age of Dipset being ushered in and say what you want about Cam’s rapping ability, you can’t deny that he’s one of the realest dudes living. He’s definitely one of Harlem’s finest (and truest) talents and it’s no doubt that uptown shows Cam’ron love unconditionally.